Mark Balack


  • Create more full-time manufacturing jobs by incentivizing and empowering small and medium area businesses.
  • Create more manufacturing full time jobs by investing in machinery and production line for medium and small businesses in Scarborough.
  • Fight for increased access to post-secondary education for Ward 42 residents.
  • Provide for transit vouchers for children/students aged 13-19 whose households meet certain means-based criteria, and whose neighbourhoods do not feature ready access to public transportation.
  • Provide deposit-guarantee rental vouchers for post-secondary education graduates who return to live and work in Toronto, while incentivizing tenement owners and landlords to lease to such applicants.
  • Help spur development of affordable housing by cutting red-tape and incentivizing developers in the building, expansion, upkeep and improvement of such housing structures.
  • Increase access to Canada-Ontario Job Grant dollars while incentivizing businesses of all sizes to provide training to new and existing employees in order to increase the overall value of Toronto’s workforce.
  • Introduce new regulations which would hold employment agencies more accountable to their employees. Such agencies should be made to compensate their employees for lost time as well as directly offset any failure to compensate said employees for not being offered full time work due to contracts signed between employer and employment agency.
  • To create an action plan to present to corporations and all levels of government, seeking funding for expanding the subway line into Scarborough.
  • Work with groups like Build Toronto to fast-track the funding, planning and development of affordable housing in the areas of the City which are most in need of it.

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