Mark Balack


Mark Balack’s insightful leadership is fully characterized as a formidable skill that he has cumulated over the years as a professional, “As a leader, I will do whatever it takes to get the voice of the community heard and continue to build relationship with communities and businesses. I enter into this journey to take on responsibilities not to be intimidated by accountability. I will pledge to be a standard bearer of morals and values by holding onto higher ethical standards to ensure the public trust in me, should I be elected, is well placed. If elected to the city council I will work hard to build an impressive legislative portfolio that will reflect the morals and values of the residents of Davenport.

Mark Balack relationship with Davenport residents is one built by rapport and hard work , if he’s elected to be city councillor, it is without doubt that he will be fully engaged with the community and to address the needs of the community.

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